Thursday, November 28, 2013

Accentuate Your House With A Porch

Any home design can have a porch, but the best porch, according to experts, appears as if it's been there from the get-go. In this case, designers cite the importance of sticking to the architecture of the house in designing the porch. Think of the porch as a dental implant; a properly-placed implant looks like a natural tooth in plain sight. To put it simply, it doesn't look too obvious.

Fortunately, many homes in the U.S. have a long history, dating back to as early as the first settlers. Colonial-style homes are among the most prolific designs used in the country, often featuring design emphasis on the front door and symmetrical architecture (equal number of windows on both sides of the door). Later versions featured elevated brick foundations and matching porch designs.

For contemporary homes, professional porch builders suggest looking for design cues to help design a porch that fits the bill aesthetically. For example, if the window frame has an arched head on top, design the posts in the porch the same way. This allows the posts to accentuate the window design and blend with the home design itself. Overall, the porch is part of a reflective image of the home.

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