Monday, December 2, 2013

Bathtubs – Out with the old, in with the new

A bathtub creates a unique bathing atmosphere as people can continuously lather up while at the same time relax and lounge in the tub. However, bathtubs are also prone to wear and tear, as are many bathroom fixtures are wont to be. When this happens, replacement is a more viable option for the sake of everyone's safety. Others, meanwhile, opt to replace their tubs for the purpose of remodeling the entire bathroom. Whatever the reasons may be, though, the important thing is to leave the entire process to a professional, so as to reduce headaches on your part.
The first order of business in the process of bathtub removal is stripping off the molding, underlayment, and the floor covering. If the bathtub is attached to the walls, then these would have to be worked over as well, to ensure a perfect fit. The water and drain connections to the bathroom should be shut down while this is going on. The contractor can then proceed with chipping away the tub’s wall coverings and remove the support clips.
If there’s an open room closest to the bathtub, the remodelers should access it and make a hole to slide it through. However, if the wall is important to the house’s structural integrity, the studs that will be affected by the hole must be braced up before moving the tub. The replacement tub itself may be of the same dimensions as the old one and the installation would be done in reverse.

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