Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ideas When Consulting Porch Builders in Chicago

Renovation of porches prove to be a worthy investment as the porch can be turned into an additional living space. Moreover, remodeling and real estate surveys show that porch renovations grant great returns in resale value. Take note of some of these suggestions when planning for a porch remodel project.

Raise the roof.

Considering Chicago’s rainy days, it’s definitely practical to add a roof or reinforce a porch’s present roofing system. Porch builders in the city are familiar with any building code restriction and limits, so you will have to consult them beforehand. The roof may be extended beyond the edges of the patio so as to keep your outdoor furniture safe from the sun, rain, and dust.

Pump up the volume of the porch.

An elevated porch can create a sense of security or privacy despite the space being outdoors. It also creates additional options for decorations. The space can smoothly transition into the garden with plants and shrubs. Contractors can recommend and install guardrails as necessary.

Deck the halls.

A well-designed porch can create an inviting curb appeal. Spruce up a delightful walkway with fine architectural upgrades as an entry hall to the house. If expanding interior spaces interest you, connect the porch to an inner room. Your kitchen can open up via French doors to a refreshing outdoor bistro. Bedrooms can also be connected to a cozy outdoor lounge for a lavish veranda suite.

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