Monday, March 24, 2014

Excitement Out Back

Even if you're not the sort to play catch out back, would you really want to watch your family having fun outdoors from inside the house? There's a way you can remain a spectator while breathing fresh air and without shutting yourself indoors. The answer is simple – build a back porch.


There are many features to consider when you’re having a back porch built. Enclosed porches are shielded by full screens for insect protection yet still let in a wonderful breeze. Covered porches are open-air models that have the roof line extending from the main house wall. You can also have the back porch cover at least one side of the house and even connect it with the front porch. 

Uncovered porches are basically raised patio decks with steps down to the backyard. Their overall area may vary—some are set up all over the rear of a building, while some remain close to the back door and have enough space for only a table and two chairs. 


The professional contractor you hire for the project will have a selection of materials that will work for your final design. High-grade wood, metal, or concrete are usually at the top of anyone's list, but you must make sure they sync with the house’s overall architecture before you choose any of them. At the same time, consider scouting for left-over high-quality materials. 

Everyone deserves time off to appreciate the simpler things in life. What better way to do it than by relaxing on the back porch with your loved ones?

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