Monday, March 10, 2014

Figuring if your attic needs a change

The attic is always one of those rather spooky sections of the house. Nobody bothers to go up there for reasons aside from sealing any bat holes or hiding some unneeded items. However, if you feel the basement is more than enough for your storage options and want an extra room without building a new wing on your house, an attic remodel may be in the cards. But one question remains to be answered with help from your contractor: is the place suitable?

The first item on your checklist is to inspect the attic in its current state – it must have A-truss rafters to give you abundant space to work with; W-trusses do more harm than good because cutting through them can compromise the roof. Measuring the entryway will be essential to see how much of the attic’s floor area you can cut through. Spiral staircases take up to five feet, while a regular staircase requires at least ten feet. You must study the local building codes for optimal attic headroom.
Work out with your contractor the costs for insulation, installing extra plumbing, support for the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system, and an extra window. The evaluation will help assemble a proper quote for the project.
An attic remodeled into a new room may not just be a new bedroom. Sometimes, it can be a new den or workspace. 

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