Monday, March 3, 2014

Make Your Small Bathrooms Look Bigger and Better

The bathroom is one of the few areas in your home where you can relax privately, undisturbed. It becomes a sanctuary for the tired mind – a place where you can rest your tired muscles after an exhausting day by taking a nice, warm dip in the tub.
Problem is, you don’t have that fancy, living-room sized bathrooms like the ones you see on MTV Cribs. Don’t fret, here are some design tips that can make your bathroom look more spacious:

  • Color play – Use rich, plain colors accentuated by complementary ones (for balance) to create the illusion of an expanded space.
  • Lighting – Ambient and task lighting fixtures also help create the illusion of larger space by reducing glare while still allowing for adequate illumination.
  • Continuous horizontal lines – Whether achieved thru clever tile design or the use of frameless mirrors, endless lines have a space-enhancing effect.
  • Mirrors – Cleverly-placed mirrors make reflections on them appear like additional areas behind the wall.
  • Maximize use of small storage spaces – A small, nice-looking vanity top with room for storing towels and trinkets is a good place to start. De-cluttering your sinks increases space significantly.
Of course, making these tips work needs expert help. Call in a skilled and established bathroom remodeling contractor to do the job quickly and right. Asking for help is not going to hurt – it may cost a bit, but you can always expect top-notch results.

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