Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips for Basement Remodeling in Chicago: Crafting your Home Theater

If you love watching movies but dread that long drive to the local theater, only to wait in line for a ticket and a popcorn and soda, then setting up a home theater might be the right ticket for you. You’ll need a lot of space in your basement, and a good design to maximize limited living space.

For a more defined interior space, check out established contractors who have been doing remodeling or basement finishing in Chicago for many years. Licensed general contractors like DAL Builders, Inc. should help you set up the layout for your basement, whether you want it for a home theater, a family room, or your personal game room at a budget you can afford.


  1. Remodeling the basement will get firstly considered when the time comes and you need more space in your house.
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  2. We have seen some dank, dark and unfinished or stapled up ceiling tiled basements. But most of the modern basements are looking more like the first floor of the home, adding some extra space in living we need while increasing the value of the home.
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