Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014’s Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

This year’s top bathroom remodeling trends are putting emphasis on style, specifically in terms of luxury and comfort. Here are some of the most popular today.

Large, airy showers

This year, more homeowners are getting fond of big showers—literally. In some small bathrooms, homeowners are tearing out the bulky tubs to expand their showers. Not only is the stall itself growing in size, it’s sporting much more glass. Both homeowners and contractors are now opting for hinged doors and heavier glass, instead of the traditional sliding glass.

High-efficiency toilets are “in”

Most of the new toilet designs feature high efficiency water-saving systems tallying at 91 percent efficiency. Two-piece toilets remain the most popular among most people, but more than one quarter of younger homeowners stray away from the traditional look by choosing both tankless and wall-mounted options.

Let the light in

Most so-called “master bathrooms” are becoming sanctuaries for people nowadays. Homeowners are also wanting their bathrooms to be brighter and more sun-filled than before— achieved by adding windows and even skylights in the room.

Double sinks are on the rise

More than half of homeowners are opting to have double sinks in their master bathroom remodels (55 percent), which went up from a previous tally of 35 percent. Homeowners 45 years or older are more likely to install two sinks as opposed to younger ones. 

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