Thursday, July 24, 2014

Increase Living Space and Functionality through Basement Remodeling

Some years ago, basements didn’t get as much attention as the other rooms in the house but because people have discovered how much it can enhance a home’s living space; basement remodeling has now become a trend. It’s a new dimension in home remodeling that’s now considered a fad. Who wouldn’t be giddy with the endless possibilities the space can be transformed into?

Basement Bar

It would be nice to have a wide indoor space to gather your family and friends for a night of wine drinking and meaningful conversation. You can convert your basement into a bar with a variety of drinks or you can have your very own wine cellar. Flaunt your wine collection as you entertain your guests. Include good lighting in the list and your basement will turn into one sophisticated reception area.

Home Theater

Your checklist will include plush couches, a wide screen flat TV mounted on the wall or an LCD projector, surround sound system, stacks of Blu-Ray discs, and bags of snacks. Through this home remodeling project, you won’t have to spend gas or change into outside clothes to go to the cinema as you now have your own home theater right under your living room.

Multi-Activity Space

If you want to keep your basement multi-functional, you can always do so. Have a cabinet installed on one side for your children’s toys to make it into a playroom. Have a billiard table placed in the middle for chill nights with your son or your best friends. It can be a classic game room. Choose colorful lighting and glass cabinets for your trophies or other collection. Your basement can turn into a mini museum!

Your mind must be running a mile now with all these bright ideas and inspiration for your basement remodeling project. All these are possible with the help of a reputable general contractor. DALBuilders in Chicago listens and understands your demands. Contact us. Let’s turn your dream basement into reality!

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