Friday, October 24, 2014

What to Keep In Mind When Designing a Porch

A front porch can be an excellent addition to your home, especially when it’s well-designed. However, it’s not just all a matter of just putting an extension in front of the house or wherever a hole can be created. If you don’t think of the details and plan the design, it can cause problems down the line. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking of adding a porch to your home:
  • The Structure. Like any addition to your home, you’ll have to think about how your porch can affect the overall look and structure of your home. Consider the dominant material for your porch. Will it be made of brick or wood, and consider how much it would take in time, effort, and expenses, to have to maintain it. You’ll have to plan the roofing and furniture, as well. Additionally, you’ll have to make sure both roof and flooring are properly sloped so that rain and snow do not settle on the surface and weaken the structure, and eventually create leaks.
  • The Space. You’ll also have to decide the maximum number of people that you can entertain in your porch. Porches or patios are places to relax, stretch out, and soak in the sunshine or breathe in the night air; you’ll want enough space around yourself.
  • The Lighting. Sitting on the porch for relaxation or bonding time with family can be overtaxing without the proper lighting. Whether it’s a simple light fixture or an overhead lamp, choose lighting that complements your home’s style, and strategically position them so they can cast the best lighting effect in the area.

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