Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why Men Need Man Caves

Men have hobbies, activities, and chores that women either cannot or do not want to do. They often need a little privacy too when working on some of their projects. No other place in the house can give them that than a man cave.

A man cave is a play room for grown men, where they can proudly display everything they hold dear: comic books, shelves of bobble heads, drunken pictures from college, gaming consoles, and so much more. Here are some reasons why:

Passion – Men who are sports junkies simply can’t watch a game quietly. Their passion cannot be contained – they jeer at the referee, yell strategies at the coach, and cheer great plays all while sitting on the couch. Wives know very well how rowdy and noisy men can become in these situations, which makes a man cave all the more important.

A Clutter-free Home – Man caves aren’t for the exclusive benefit of men. For some couples, man caves work as a way of keeping the house free of clutter. Men with extensive selections of collectibles can have their stuff neatly stored in one room where they and their closest friends alone can adore these treasures.

Zoning out – Men de-stress and de-clutter their mind from the hassles of the workday. They often don’t want to talk about their day, and the perfect fire-gazing zone is the man cave itself. This is where they can relax on their recliners to prepare themselves for their fatherly duties later.

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