Thursday, November 6, 2014

Merging the Kitchen and Dining Room into One

Some homeowners may find their house’s interior a bit confining, especially when the flow of the rooms do not seem as open. Two of the more common areas in the house that feel cramped the most would be the kitchen and dining room. If you want to improve on these two particular areas, get in touch with professionals who do kitchen remodeling to turn your ideas into reality.
“…and let the walls come down”
Many home remodeling experts agree that a full wall separating the kitchen from the dining area can greatly affect the feel of the room. Tearing this wall down, however, must first be given due consideration. In certain cases, you may not be able to forego the wall if it happens to be important to the main structure.
One workaround your contractor may recommend is to instead remove only a part of the wall facing the dining room, ideally one that has no cabinets attached to it. It may be possible if the kitchen’s doorway leads right into the dining area itself. That way, you provide a clear line of sight to the dining room, and even the living room, thereby improving the depth perception of the house’s interior.
On the Island
Some integrated kitchen/dining areas will also have a single island with enough walking room on the side, in lieu of the torn down wall. This design adds in functionality to the aesthetic, with the island functioning as an alternative serving area or breakfast nook.

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