Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Have your Chicago Deck Builders Make a Dog-Friendly Deck or Porch

Choosing Vegetation

Know that there are plants which might be harmful to dogs, so keep those types of plants away when decorating or renovating your porch or deck. Plants like American holly, baby’s breath, nightshade, and chamomile, for instance, are dangerous and toxic to most dogs. Instead, opt for plants like bamboo, cinnamon, blue daisies, and dwarf palms.

Companies like DAL Builders should have competent and reliable Chicago porch builders who can design and build a dog-friendly deck or porch for your home. You want your home to be as beautiful, secure, and comfortable as you can make it, and you’ll want no less for your loyal, four-legged member of your family.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lure of the Outdoors Inspires Home Remodeling

Despite the cold weather in Chicago, the area does have its warmer seasons. Whether it’s the warm breeze of a midsummer night or the mid-morning sunshine of a day in spring, there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors. With a professionally designed and built deck, a homeowner can conveniently enjoy the outdoors without having to travel far.
Through a simple extension of the home beyond its four walls, an individual can increase their enjoyment of the outdoors, while also add value to their home. From a personal standpoint, a deck or porch can provide numerous benefits. Residents can easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city by feeling like they are in the country, even if their home is located in a densely packed community.
For those with pets, they can easily raise and play with their cats and dogs in a space that is more convenient, yet significantly safer than a public park or a neighborhood sidewalk. For individuals who have a green thumb, they can have a living space where they can tend their garden and enjoy the beauty of their personal landscape.
To make the most out of this home improvement project, it is best to call Chicago porch builders. They can ensure that your new deck is perfectly integrated into your home.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Considerations for a Basement Remodeling Plan

Of the many rooms in a home, the basement is one of the trickiest to build. Occupying a space below ground level, it can be a challenge to provide lighting and proper moisture control. While it’s a difficult space to build, homeowners are still free to remodel their basements into whatever they seem fit.
Typically, basements serve little purpose other than housing a water heater or providing alternative storage space. Yet, with a little creativity, the space can be so much more.
One of the more exciting remodeling options would be to turn the basement into a recreational room, complete with a pool table and a television set. Another option would be to transform it into a satellite office, which is perfect for those who would prefer to work within the comforts of their own home.
Basements can be designed just like any other room in the house, although homeowners need to be wary of the space afforded to them. Unlike other rooms above ground, basements can’t be expanded without costly digging or foundation restructuring.
To better maximize this limited space, homeowners should keep in touch with skilled and experienced contractors. Contractors can professionally design a basement that’s suited to the needs and lifestyle of the residents.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Popular 2014 Remodeling Trends to Try in Your Home

One's home is one's castle. However, sometimes, that castle needs a bit of an improvement here and there to make it more comfortable. Remodeling may seem expensive, but in the end, any changes you do often make a house better than it was. With the arrival of spring, it's prime time to think of remodeling your home. Here are a few new and popular trends to keep in mind when thinking about how to spend money on such a project: 

Bigger kitchens 

Often, a bigger kitchen is achieved by knocking down a wall or two, but extensions can also be built. A large kitchen often gives the illusion of a bigger home, which can add to the sense of comfort people feel when inside it. 

Home customization 

Homeowners with a lot of gadgets often ask for some utilities, like extra sockets, to be installed. Others with particular hobbies or who want to have a room of their own opt to add specialized spaces like game rooms or libraries that cater to their tastes. 

Bathroom remodeling 

Bathroom remodeling is also being requested a lot. More often than not, homeowners request to have a separate shower and tub. This gives people a chance to take a long dip, while having the option of using a standing closet shower when necessary. 

All of these trends are good ideas for any homeowner. Think about them when contemplating on how to make your home better this year.

Tips for Basement Remodeling in Chicago: Crafting your Home Theater

If you love watching movies but dread that long drive to the local theater, only to wait in line for a ticket and a popcorn and soda, then setting up a home theater might be the right ticket for you. You’ll need a lot of space in your basement, and a good design to maximize limited living space.

For a more defined interior space, check out established contractors who have been doing remodeling or basement finishing in Chicago for many years. Licensed general contractors like DAL Builders, Inc. should help you set up the layout for your basement, whether you want it for a home theater, a family room, or your personal game room at a budget you can afford.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Growth in Spending Numbers to Benefit Chicago’s Remodeling Contractors

According to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA), the home remodeling market is expected to achieve double-digit gains in the first half of 2014. The study, released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) of Harvard University, reflects sellers’ confidence in the housing market, as they take on full remodeling of Chicago homes as home prices and homes sales improve.

Top Chicago remodeling contractors, along with homeowners, confident of the robust market, are gearing up to capitalize on those positive numbers. Since home remodeling is on the upswing, there’ll be more projects going around for experienced home improvement contractors, such as DAL Builders, to help sellers raise the value of their homes.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Key Tenets to Remember Before Calling Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Pros

So, you’ve finally decided to renovate your bathroom and turn it into a more personalized “private” space. Full-scale bathroom remodeling in Chicago homes can be implemented either by going DIY or calling on bathroom remodeling contractors to design the layout before executing the plan. Unless you’re a skilled fixer-upper yourself, it’s best not to attempt the renovation, and, instead, rely on licensed home improvement contractors, such as DAL Builders.

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting, but a tough project to undertake. There are numerous considerations so much so that a multitude of informational resources are written all about them and are found all over the web. Nevertheless, through the deluge of online tips, the important principles can be condensed into key tenets that could be of help to a homeowner thinking of going for a bathroom remodel.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hire Porch Builders in Chicago to Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’re a homeowner with a good-sized yard, it’s important to have some landscaping done on your property, both for aesthetic purposes or to improve home value before a sale. An essential part of landscaping that many people fail to take into consideration is the front porch. If you manage to pull off an integrated look by hiring creative designers and porch builders in Chicago, you might find just how valuable landscaping is to (improving) your home’s curb appeal.

Top-notch porch remodeling contractors, such as DAL Builders, Inc., can efficiently help you set up your porch for maximum curb appeal. Don’t forget, though, that remodeling and decorating is just one part of the equation; there is also the equally essential task of care and scheduled maintenance. For installation of additional accessories or quick repair of concrete, it shouldn’t hurt to hire Chicago porch repair contractors every now and then.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Upon Deciding to Remodel the Bathroom

At the moment, you might not be dissatisfied with the way your bathroom is laid out. One day, however, you might suddenly wake up and realize that you haven’t been maximizing the space available in it.