Friday, May 30, 2014

Choose the Right Surface for your Bathroom Renovation

The surface is a key component of your bathroom. Apart from contributing to the room’s overall aesthetic, it also takes a lot of abuse from constant foot traffic, abundant moisture, or soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste getting splashed all over the floor or sink.
When you decide to remodel your bathroom, take it not only as an opportunity to make it look better and be more comfortable, but also as a means to increase the overall value of your home. You can do this by choosing a good surface for the floor, walls, sinks, and tables.
Porcelain is popular for use both on floors and walls. There are many reasonably priced varieties available on the market, some of which look like natural stone. It is easy to clean and maintain, especially when done in large sizes because it minimizes grout line. It is also a viable choice for the sink, but may be prone to chipping.
Enamel, steel, or a combination of both work great on sinks, as all are durable and stain resistant. Similar to the kitchen, granite and quartz have made their way to bathroom countertops, providing the same level of durability and aesthetic appeal. Laminate and solid surface materials are cost-effective solutions for sinks and countertops, yet may scratch easily.
There are many options to choose from, and working with a highly regarded expert in remodeling in Chicago can help you make the decisions and get the most out of your investment.

Creative Porch Builders in Chicago: Combining Form, Function, Safety

The porch’s design must accurately match the house’s architecture for a more natural flow. For example, if your house is along the lines of Tuscan villas, the porch must have shallow archways on top supported by columns.

 If a porch is the handshake or calling card of your home, then your mark should be on it. A porch that took shape through your own ideas, and was created with the expert skills of home contractors like DAL Builders, brings more appeal to your home.

Bathroom Remodeling? You Can Begin with the Sink

There is no disputing that the bathroom is the most commonly used area in the home. This makes it necessary to have it built to look its best and provide as much comfort and convenience as possible. Unfortunately, bathroom remodels can be quite the investment, making it difficult for some homeowners to have an overall remodel done.
However, this does not mean that updates can’t be made. From the simple changing of faucets, putting up of new mirrors, and switching the tiles, there are many ways to change the look and feel of a bathroom. With small improvements, the bathroom can eventually become the personalized space that you want it to be.
When making changes, experts often recommend starting off with the sink. No matter what size the bathroom is, the sink can easily serve as its centerpiece. When installed, it can immediately change the dynamic of the room, and be the basis of future remodels.

There are many types of sinks that you can choose from, with some even being custom made. To make sure you choose the right one, its best to contact a trusted provider of bathroom remodeling in Chicago. They can help find and install the right sink based on your needs and preferences, while making sure the bathroom space is properly maximized.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Get the Perfect Porch Design for Your Home

Having a front porch to lounge around during your free time can be quite relaxing, apart from enjoying a nice view of the outdoors. If you’re still lost as to how to go about building a porch for your home in Chicago, hiring a contractor might help ease your worries.

Below is a list of tips on designing porches:

1. Planning
  • Make a budget plan. Think of how much you’re going to set aside to build a porch.
  • Consider your options. Find out which home remodeling companies work closest to where you live.
  • Do your research. Choose from several contractors in your area and screen them based on their qualifications (experience, skill, credentials, etc.).
2. Design
  • After planning, select from porch designs the best suit your requirements. Consult professional contractors so you can see which styles are compatible with your architectural preferences and overall home design.
3. Execution
  • Have porch builders assist you with the floor plan and choosing the materials you need for your porch, such as the foundation and flooring, railings and stairs, roofs and ceiling, and posts and columns.
4. Details
  • Choose finishing touches that will make your porch unique (e.g. lights, accessories) and think of how to spruce up your porch to incorporate your personal style.

Birth of a Woodworking Shop through Basement Remodeling in Chicago

Turning your basement into a woodworking shop requires some basic preparations or renovation to ensure compliance with local building codes, which your contractor can address. First of all, Mecomber states that waterproofing the place is essential, to protect the tools and the lumber stock from molds. The entrance or passageway also requires a second look; some professionals recommend widening the pathway to at least four feet to grant enough space for heavy tools or cabinets to be moved in.

 Secondly, basements are generally built with poured concrete or similar materials, which are not strong enough to accommodate nails for hanging side attachments such as racks. The basement contractor can work around this deficiency by first insulating the concrete, then adding extra wood walls to provide a solid foundation for the attachments.

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Although most basements are not visible once you enter a home, they shouldn’t have to be resigned to being known as some dark, dank, disheveled room where unused items are placed to be forgotten. Why not spruce it up to complement your home’s welcoming environment?

If you’re unsure of how to transform your basement, here are some ideas to help you get started:
  • Entertainment Room: Add a flat screen TV, surround sound system, pool table, and other electronics for a magnificent home theater or game room.
  • Mini Gym: There’s no need to shell out a hefty amount for a gym membership when you can build your own fitness center at home.
  • Office: If you are your own boss, having a workspace personalized to your taste is a good alternative.
  • Play Room: Families with little children won’t have to think about bringing their kids to play places.

Basement remodeling companies in Chicago are becoming more popular, as most homeowners see it fit to create pleasing basement layouts. Remodels don’t only look highly aesthetic, but also help you expand and enhance your living space. With the right inspiration and contractors to do the job, you’ll have a stylish, functional basement in no time! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Doing Home Improvement One Room at a Time

The cost of new homes are at its highest in recent memory, so many homeowners have opted to get their dream homes by renovating the ones they already have. While costing significantly less than purchasing a new home, home remodeling still involves a significant amount of investment. In addition, while a project is on-going, the home or most parts of it will be unusable.
Fortunately, there are ways to have your home improved with minimal inconvenience, as well as a softer impact on your budget. Home improvement experts and real estate agents recommend remodeling one room at a time. By doing so, you increase the overall value of your home little by little as it gets the improvements that you dream of having. So whether you live in the house for the long term, or are planning to eventually sell it, whatever improvement that has been completed will still provide a return in investment.
Experts recommend beginning with spaces that are used the most, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Apart from prioritizing these areas so as not to get inconvenienced for long, the kitchen and bathroom are the ones with the most fixtures. Having them improved first also greatly increases the home’s value. Once completed, the homeowner can have the living room renovated next, followed by the basement or attic, and then move on to individual rooms.

Friday, May 2, 2014

3 Steps to Take before Remodeling a Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, any time is the perfect time to have it done. If you plan to stay in your home for a long time, there is no reason to be contented with the existing and outdated designs and fixtures that it may have.
Before proceeding with a bathroom remodel however, some considerations are necessary to better assure that you get exactly what you want for the budget that you have:
  1. Establish a Wishlist – When living in any house, you should get what is best for you when it comes to the bathroom. Produce a list of features that you’ve always wanted, and categorize them based on which ones are must-haves and nice-to-haves, and rank them by importance. Do your research by checking out magazines and visiting showrooms to give you good ideas.
  2. Establish a Budget – A bathroom remodel is not a small investment, and knowing how much you want to spend before you start is key. Whether it is for a complete overhaul or just to make small changes, it is important to set aside money for the design and build, as well as to cover the possibility of unforeseen problems.
  3. Work with a Professional – Find a professional to work on the project. Make sure they have the necessary certifications and experience, and make sure they respond well to what you have established in items 1 and 2, as it is your project after all.